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Discover Adiphene – The Most Powerful Diet Pill?

Adiphene- it is all about boosting metabolism and burning more stored fat

Adiphene™ is one of the newly released weight loss supplement in the early 2013. It has been marketed as a safe weight-loss pill and going by the numbers so far, it is clear that this pill has certainly become very popular. There are also no reported side effects of using Adiphene, further increasing the supplement’s popularity. If the online reviews are anything to go by, Adiphene is an effective weight-loss option.

It is impossible Not to lose weight with Adiphene!

Most of the diet pills available on the market normally contains few ingredients only. But Adiphene contains 12 powerful ingredients which works one or other way making it fail proof. It works as a appetite controller, a fat binder, a energy booster, a fat metabolizer and a thermogenic booster.

One of the greatest challenges people face when they attempt to lose weight is maintaining an effective balance between eating less and burning fat. If actually shown to be effective, there could be great potential for Adipheni to provide a lasting solution for those who are struggling with yoyo diets and inconsistent weight loss.

Benefits of Adiphene – as claimed by the manufacturer

There are also a good number of reported benefit. When taken on a regular basis, the pills are known to;

  1. Reduce appetite : so you eat less
  2. Reduce body’s fat absorption : meaning your body stores lower fat from food you eat
  3. Work as fat inhibitor: prevents body from absorbing fat
  4. Stimulate body’s metabolism : hence your body burns more calories during resting time
  5. Help you Feel more energetic : means reduced food intake
  6. Increase energy levels in the body

Adiphene Ingredients

In order to understand how Adiphene works as a diet supplement, we must first examine what it is. In the manufacturer’s own words, Adiphen is a“multi approach fat loss supplement”. Most diet pills fall into one of several categories; a fat binder, an appetite suppressant, a fat burner and so on. No other supplement in the market contains as many ingredients as Adiphen; That is the reason it falls in its own unique category that has not been seen before in a diet supplement!

The five stimulants include:

  • Bitter orange which was shown in a 2002 Journal of Medicine study to be the best possible thermogenic substitute for the ingredient ephedra. After the ban of ephedra by the Food and Drug administration, many people turned to bitter orange as a replacement for the potent diet and weight loss ingredient. In addition, a government agency that is highly regarded approved bitter orange as a way to suppress appetite.[ More info ]
  • Chromium picolinate is an ingredient shown to increase the efficiency of insulin, which is instrumental in determining how much fat is stored in the body. Chromium is believed to stimulate the activity of insulin, which speeds the breakdown of glucose and fat. Research has suggested chromium works by increasing the sensitivity of the body’s insulin receptors. Most foods consumed in high levels in the American diet are devoid of Chromium, because it is removed during processing. [Explained in detail]
  • Guarana Extract comes from a small bean found primarily in South America. The seeds of Guarana are rich in caffeine, which means the extract of this plant has an impact on metabolic rates. It is also valuable as an appetite suppressant and enhances physical and mental performance. Similarly to caffeine, Guarana is valuable as a weight loss aid because it stimulates certain hormones from the adrenal glands that force the body to burn more stored fat. In addition to fat-fighting capabilities, the extract of this exotic plant also increases mental alertness and energy levels, fights fatigue and increases stamina. Guarana is absorbed more slowly than traditional types of caffeine, so the energy levels from this ingredient can be sustained over a longer period of time.[ Read more ]
  • Ginseng panax root extract 10% is an herb that is believed to have an effect on carbohydrate metabolism, which means it can potentially aid in the management of blood sugar levels. It was reported in the Phytotherapy Research Journal that an ingredient found in ginseng has an ability to inhibit differentiation in the cells that store fat as energy. [Read the review]
  • Cacao extract is known to inhibit fat storage and increase the metabolism of fat. A recently released study in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry discovered that properties of cocoa could potentially inhibit the digestion of fats and carbohydrates.  [Complete study]

The two thermogenic ingredients are:

  • Cinnamon extract which has been shown in a number of studies to reduce insulin resistance and blood glucose levels sustained during fasting. Both of these are associated with abdominal fat. Cinnamon has also been proven to lower the glycemic effect of a meal, which means that the foods consumed during a meal will be absorbed more slowly, preventing a spike in blood sugar levels. [read more for proof]
  • Cayenne capsicum 40M HU/G is a highly concentrated substance that allows the active ingredients in Adiphene to be taken to the places in the body where they’re needed in order to produce results. Capsicum is a spice found in hot chilies, which aids in the burning of fat, because the heat from the chilies forces the body to work hard to cool itself down, burning calories in the process. Cayenne has also been shown to increase a body’s core temperature, which can lead to the burning of nearly 300 extra calories per day. [read the reviews]

The appetite controller in Adiphene are:

  • Glucomannan is an appetite suppressant, which works by absorbing water and increasing in size, which fills the stomach to give a feeling of fullness. [clinical evidence]

The Fat Binder

  • Chitosan extract is a fat binder that grabs fats located in the stomach, and carries them through the digestive system so they are eliminated by the body, instead of being absorbed. [see details]

The Fat Metabolizers

Side Effects, Precautions and Safety Information

  1. It has no known side effects. However, if you have serious cardiovascular diseases like high BP, breathing problem you should consult a Doctor before using it. It is a precautionary for any stimulants.
  2. Some people may experience Gastrointestinal problem due to Glucomannan. But it can be easily avoided by drinking plenty of fresh and clean water.
  3. Weight loss supplements are not advisable for pregnant and nursing (mainly breast feeding) women. So please consult your Physician before use.
  4. Adiphene is not a substitute for good diet and exercise.
  5. It contains animal subtract. So if you are a strict Vegan, this is not for you.
  6. Not suitable for children. Encourage outdoor activity and better eating habits to your child.

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Real Customers Feedback

testimonialsSince it is a new product on to the shelves there aren’t too many testimonials or success stories available. And RDK Pharma, the manufacturer of this diet pill is not known for selling with deceptive marketing practices (like, using fitness model’s before and after picture, fake free trial offer or making claims which sounds too good to be true)

However, I’m glad to show you results by few success results from real customers. Please note however that, these results are not typical; individual results would always vary depending on your diet and current lifestyle.

I wanted to lose a stone (14 pounds) ready for my holiday and I ordered your pills 5 weeks ago. It’s another 4 weeks till the holiday and I have lost almost 9 pounds as I write this. I’m going to need smaller trunks. LOL Jason N.

After trying a few other fairly well known ‘fat busters’, I haven’t been that impressed. Your product is working excellently for me. I do eat well, but I did before taking Adiphene so I know it’s your stuff that’s helped me to drop 9 pounds in the last 3 and a half weeks.They don’t upset my stomach either, like one of the other brands did. Daniel P.

I had remembered something I saw on TV about peppers and weight loss. When I saw your site it made sense to use them in slimming pills, so I ordered. Early days, but I am 16 pounds lighter after 9 weeks. I’m slimmer and I feel great. Going to try and reach 126 pounds, which is what I was before the kids, then I’ll cut back. 8 pounds to go! Vivien B

As a mother of 3 and a very busy wife, I’m finding Adiphene really useful. I haven’t really got the time for exercise or preparing a special diet, so the fact I have lost 8 pounds in the last 3 weeks is fantastic. More!Linda T.

Best Practice and Usage Instruction

Each bottle contains 60 tablets, so it is one month supply if you take recommended dosage. For maximum results and greater effectiveness you are advised to take one capsule with 8oz water 20 minutes before breakfast and one capsule with 8oz water 20 minutes before lunch.For optimum result Adipheno should be used for 3 months.

 Ordering Information

Currently it is only available on the official website. You can buy 3 months supply at discounted price. When you order 3 bottles you get 1 for free.

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Losing The Weight The Right Way

Different Techniques That Should Be Adopted In a Weight Loss Program

Obesity is correlated to the metabolic rate in the body. That is because a high metabolism in the body will burn the fats in the body and a low rate will store more of it, thereby favoring obesity.

Whenever you opt for techniques to reduce weight, enhancement of the metabolic rate is one of these. The other techniques are to minimize the sugar intake in the body, limiting saturated fats and cutting down diary fats. High quantities of sugar intake are the cause of a number of illnesses in the body, so cutting down its intake can help you in controlling the weighbeach-beautyt.

Fats are mainly present in meats and fast foods and that are responsible for numerous heart diseases. One of the fats named trans-fat, has to be cut down because it is a man-made fat and it is strictly advised by the doctors to not to be consumed. Fish, poultry, legumes and beans are the preferable foods products that are sources of extra fats in the body.

If you are planning to go for a weight loss program, reduce the intake of fats. Besides these, there are metabolism boosting supplements that are responsible for putting the metabolism rate under control which is mainly responsible for the excessive fat in the body.

Different Type of Tools That Are Used For Weight Loss Techniques

One of the multi-factorial problems of human body is excessive weight and it is ascribed to age, sex, hereditary, lifestyle, physiology, diet and behavior. If you define weight loss, it is nothing related to the scale, rather it is all about losing inches of the body and getting rid of excessive body flab. This technique refers to the different ways of losing kilos from the body either from fat, water and muscles. Any technique of losing weight from the body is to achieve a healthy weight of the body. There are big teams of professionals that will assist you in this technique. The team includes dieticians, nutritionists, obesity specialist and therapist. They will help you in the make over process of your body.

There are some of the tools that are adapted in losing weight of your body and some of these are dietary changes, change in the behavior, exercise and activity, weight loss surgery and weight loss medication. There are many medications available including some metabolism boosting supplements which enhance the metabolism rate of your body. The treatment levels that are appropriate for you are greatly dependent upon the obesity levels in the body. It also depends upon the health condition of the body.

Ensure a Proper Health Care with Weight Loss Techniques

If you are concerned about your health as well as the problems that are due to excessive weight of the body, there are primarily two things that you should do so that you ensure a proper weight loss in your body and these are a healthy diet and a proper check on the BMI (Basal Metabolic Index) of your body. It is wise to get in touch with a dietician so that you are guided properly about the health problems. The BMI test takes the condition and the weight of your body into account so that you can determine the level of health in your body.

There are numerous risks of obesity but the major ones are health diseases and diabetes. Most of the people are into the consumption of fast foods and this has lead to an excessive increase in the obesity rate. Some of the major causes of excessive weight are inactive life style, hormonal imbalance, smoking, lack of sleep, genetic problems, family history, emotional factors stress, intake of medicines like contraceptives and anti-depressants.

There numerous diet pills available on the market as well as the metabolism boosting supplements for boosting metabolism. A high metabolic rate means more activeness in the body and proper burning of calories.

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